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House Extensions

The day has come: Your family has grown, and the house is now officially too small. Or maybe
you’ve worked hard for years, and it’s time to turn your starter home into your dream home.

Although it might be simpler to make a fresh start in a new place, there are many excellent
reasons to stay put and embellish or expand your existing castle: proximity to work and good
schools, a loved weekend routine, neighbours you can’t bear to leave, and lower cost of home
compared to buying up, to name a few.

Well Known Homes understands that adding on to your home can be a major disruption. We
believe our role is to make the process of home extension as smooth and efficient as possible
and can best help by getting things off on the right track from the start, so contact us.

We’ll work with you to analyze your existing home plans and ensure that the necessary permits
are in place to plan the most seamless extension build possible.

That said, adding on to a home, whether on one floor or two, almost always presents some
surprises—whether asbestos that needs to be removed or structural changes introduced by a
previous owner. You’ll appreciate our customer-service approach as we keep you fully informed
and suggest solutions that will keep your project on track and within budget while still producing
the result you want.

For your extension, Well Known Homes can offer weatherboard, foam, blueboard or brick
construction, lightweight rendered cladding, and pitched or flat roofing designs, all supported by
expert tradesmen from our extensive network. Likewise, our trusted suppliers of brick, timber,
plaster, paint, tiles, aluminium and timber windows, and more can be depended upon for top
quality and prompt delivery.

As with all of our jobs, you can monitor your extension’s progress online from the comfort of your
main home and depend upon us to leave your backyard clean and tidy when our work is done
and you’re ready to move in so contact us to dicsuss your job and you'll be one step closer to

your finished job.



There are many options available for your cladding on your home extension
Baltic pine weatherboards, cedar weatherboards, cement sheet, cement cladding boards, Sycon boards, Sycon wall sheets with different profiles, polystyrene foam or blueboard with a cement or acrylic rendered finish.  All these options can be painted ... and should be soon after installation.
The choice of cladding will be somewhat dependent on the rest of the house and having this work with the house as a whole.
When extensing up you are unlikely to be able to use bricks to finished the upstairs walls as they will not have sufficient support without installing heavy supporting beams and steel wall posts and additional subfloor support engineered, sound expensive? It is so choose a lightweight cladding from the list above please.
Usually rendered polystyrene foam works well with brickwork - and the other bonus is you can render the existing brickwork to have a seamless finish, a weatherboard is a cheaper lightweight finish and is faster.  These can also work well for a ground floor extension if the design will work well for the house - note some new design homes have feature clad walls and they look grat to break up a rendered or brick house.
Overall the design will be a reflection of you, and as long as it is not too individual you will have the value in the home and it will appeal to others too when you come time to sell and more onto your next home built by "Well Known Homes" :-)

Renovating can be a perfect opportunity for you to drop a few extra dollars into the rest of your existing home.  You could find yourself saving your investment many times over in the coming years.  With energy costs set to increase (aka. carbon tax etc etc) we are tipped to be doubling our energy costs.  Good design, proper materials and smart insulation can be only slightly more costly than doing it the "old" way.  Too many builders are only too happy to keep the cost and hassle low to avoid the conversation about energy efficiency.  At Well Known Homes (aka Melbourne Home Building) we are only too happy to share our experience in research to offer you the best possible solution to what will be your home.  You only get one chance with building a home dont risk using anyone else, contact us today to start discussing your new home or extension.

When extending your home you may want to consider (or you may be made to consider some energy efficient options to achieve a higher star rating) adding some more enerrgy efficient options.  We are a little way off 10 star being the norm (that is zero heating and cooling being required) but we believe 7 and even 8 star are achieveable without too much hardship and will save you money in the long run.
Consider the following:
   - ramping up the insulation in the walls
   - under floor insulation from basic to state of the art
   - high efficient ceiling insulation (and reduce air leakage with downlights too)
           - this is possible now with LED lighting ... ask us how & cheaper than you think
   - the paint you choose and the additives can make a big difference too
   - an air ventilator to reduce the stuffyness in the home can also heat & cool for limited costs too
   - of course high efficient windows are a must - at least double glazed
         and some with a low e coating too
   - some solar shading over specific north facing windows with angled slats
         these can catch the winter sun and block the summer sun
These are just a starting point.  Consider these options for your new home, extension, renovation.
Give us a call or drop an email on the contact page for more information or an assessment on your job and a quote
Happy Building !!!