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Ah, the great outdoors! It’s what we Australians love best, and maybe nowhere is that more true than in Melbourne. Nothing captures the good life quite like bringing the outdoors in with your own private deck—a signal that the barbie’s on, friends are over, and all’s right with the world.
Contact us to get your free quote as summer approaches. You’ll love your new deck by Well Known Homes and the freedom it brings to enjoy family and friends while putting a meal on the table, entertain effortlessly no matter how often the urge strikes, or simply tune in to nature’s scents and sounds while unwinding with a book or drink.
Happily, an intelligently constructed deck—with or without a pergola—can also be a very smart addition in terms of increasing your home’s value. So click on the contact us link about for
Decking & Pergolas Quotes in Melbourne
Simple things can sometimes be more complex than they first appear. To make sure your deck blends seamlessly with the rest of your home, complementing it in both style and function, you’ll find Well Known Homes a great help in thinking things through as you start to plan your project.
The choice of materials is often the most crucial decision for a deck. We prefer to work with wood, and we’ll walk you through the range of options, pointing out the relative merits of imported merbau and various Australian hardwoods.
You’ll also need to consider access and convenience: Would French doors, sliders or some other solution, for instance, provide the perfect transition from inside to out? Do you need a wet area next to the barbecue to aid in washing up after dinner or a bigger bash? And don’t forget your pets: They may need the extra shelter from the elements that a covered deck can provide.
Pergolas need to work with your home and can do wonders to perk up a less-than-inspiring backside of a house. A cleverly designed pergola that reduces the amount of direct sun entering your home can help reduce air conditioning bills as well as provide shade when you use your deck.
You may even find that the solid roof of a verandah is the solution to the year-round functionality you seek. Clear and tinted polycarbonate and colorbonded corrugated iron bring very different qualities to an outdoor living space, and we’ll help you find the solution (or combination) that works best for you.
Don’t forget, though, that the best-laid plans require a firm foundation. With Well Known Homes, you can be sure we’ll get the drainage sorted, the stumping done right, and the structure well framed using treated exterior-grade pine—with everything built to code. Before you know it, and with minimal disruption, you’ll be living that good life in your very own outdoor room.
So to discuss your new decking please give us a call on 0488 426 391 or contact us via our web
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With summer just around the corner it might be time to consider a new outdoor area.  Or maybe time to re-vamp an existing one.  Consider using good materials like a good quality Australian Hardwood or the old favourite for many years ... how can you go wrong with Merbau, deep rich colors and top quality makes it a timeless choice.

We are constantly asked about the type or variety of timber decking to use on a deck.  The question for me is quite simple but there has to be a question of where it is going to be and the area it is going to be around the rest of your home.
A treated pine deck will be cheaper and is even easier to lay (as it doesnt split as easily) but it has bigger knots and is a softer wood - therefore it can also split over the knots and will rot sooner and it will because it is a softer wood it will also take on mould etc faster too.  You will also need more joists under the deck as the allowable span for treated pine is less (approx 400mm for softwood rather than 450mm for hardwood - based on 90x19mm merbau decking).  It is widely available and grows reasonably quickly - so is renewable - available in 70 & 90mm widths at 19mm thick, with almost any size accompanying treated pine.
Merbau is a hardwood, rich in color. it will silver over time but is easily cleaned with a product like "Cabots Deck Clean" and then re-stain to come back to near new.  It is more expensive and comes in random lengths - so more joins.  As it is a hardwood you should not nail near the ends and can even split away form the ends too.  It is tight grained with few knots through the timber.  It has been the timber of choice for many years in Australia.  It has been linked to illegal logging overseas but tighter controls over the last few years including certification and chain of custody of timber should mean this is not an issue.  Available in 70 - 90 - 140mm x 19mm thick  There are also other sizes of merbau available for screening, mouldings and posts.
Australian hardwoods are also available in a variety of sizes and some even come thicker - this gives the deck more strength.  My deck at home is blackbox which is an Australina hardwood, I selected a 140x25mm size with stainless steel screws into deep treated pine joists spaced at 450mm centres - well over spec but this also holds a pool table that used to belong to my wifes grandfather - this weight means the deck should be stronger to cope with the weight - the same would be true if you were going to add a spa or similar weight to a deck.  There are a variety of timbers available - with more and more coming onto the market. Typically the Australian hardwoods are slightly more expensive than Merbau with treated pine usually about half the cost of that. 
Your deck will be a combination of the location, cover and size color of your intended location, we can discuss this with you at your home and come up with a solution to best suit your individual requirements from color to width of the boards.