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Extending Your Home Can Solve Your Problems

When you start a family, as you get more members of the family, naturally your house will feel smaller. More room is needed for everyone, plus usually each child will need a room to themselves. So how do you deal with this new need for extra space?

You have two options. One is to move house and the other is to do a house extension. A house extension is an excellent option because it allows you to stay in the home you have become comfortable in and have grown to love. It also saves you from the hassle-filled process of looking for a new home and selling you current one.

Energy Effieicnt Homes & Extensions

Build efficient homes, extensions and see the savings in energy use and the better comfort in your home. Some simple ideas and simple things done well make all the difference

Upstairs extension in Burwood completed

Another upstairs extension completed, this one in Burwood. This extension has added 2 bedrooms, a generous living area, large bathroom and a very generous walk in robe.
Complete with massive insulation, LED lights this home just became more livable and efficient at the same time.

Deck - Pergola - Outdoor Kitchen

Its time to start to think about that new outdoor entertaining area before Christmas
Decking, Pergola, outdoor kitchen areas all take time, most need a building permit to be legal.
We can help with all that and more.

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